Monday, May 11, 2009

How the sleepy wrap changed my life...

I love baby wearing, and my friend Mary really turned me on to the Sleepy Wrap. I have a sling and a mei tai, but nothing can beat my Sleepy Wrap. I know that many people swear by the Moby Wrap, but the Sleepy Wrap is a tad more stretchy and comfy--it doesn't put any strain on my back whatsoever! As you know, Delaney is a fussy gussy, but when she's all wrapped up in the Sleepy Wrap, she is generally pleased as punch. Plus, my hands are free to do other things. Thanks, Mary, for suggesting the Sleepy Wrap. It's the best $40 I've spent in a long time!

Look, no hands!

1 sleepy Delaney= 1 happy Karen


mme. bookling said...

Hilarious. There is nothing like the sweet little recapturing of your independence while you are both completely still connected.

That is happiness.

That, and friends coming and holding your baby for you while you cook them breakfast. :)

Momma Mary said...

You two look so beautiful! I am so glad that you love it... it truly is the greatest baby carrier in the world! I have gray too... someday we can be matchy matchy with our future love bugs.

Leiflet said...

I thought that WAS the Moby wrap! Is there really that much of a difference?

Ours was definitely a lifesaver, especially when Soren woke up at 3am and wanted to hang out.

The thing that i reluctantly admit is that we have several different baby wraps, and they have all served us well at different times. The Moby was great when it was cooler, the Maia was great when it was warmer and he was smaller, the Ergo is my fave now that he is bigger and can ride in back...

Baby wraps are still a new phenomenon in Cincinnati, so people still stare at me like crazy. I think that even when they do catch on (i'm saying 10 years), it'll take another 15 years for feminist philosophy to catch on, so other dads will start baby carrying in about 27 years.

So should Soren be... uh... "lucky" enough to still be living here, he can carry his baby with pride, knowing that his dad paved the way.

More Dorrs said...

Can I try it out next week when I am down there?

I can't wait to see you and meet Miss Delaney!!!!!


Chris and Sarah said...

I love your blog too! Please consider yourself included in The Utmost Blogging Secrecy Privacy Circle Of 2009.
:) Sarah

Kim Day said...

Karen_ I will definitely be looking into a sleepy wrap. Thanks for the tip about sleepy vs. moby wraps :) Thanks for the info on cloth diapers too. We think we will do the same thing you guys are, and wait a few months to use them on Owen. I'm super excited about it!! PS- our friends Dan & Amanda use BGs and they love them :)

Alyssa said...

You both look so cute, is there anything better than wearing your baby around while you do housework! I have to admit that I have 4 different baby carriers right now, 2 in my car for different types of errands! Is it a quick trip in, or a long couple of hours at the park! Anyway glad she is so content for you! Love ya