Sunday, May 10, 2009

Stevie's a Grad Dad!

I know that this happened over a week ago, but Steven Douglas was hooded at his graduation ceremony on Friday, May 2nd. Sure, he still has his comps and a computer class this summer, but we are celebrating this huge accomplishment in his life now. I was waiting to get some more pics from family members, but if I wait any longer, chances are I'll never blog about the event. My family from Oregon flew down to help celebrate, which made the night even more special. Thank you to everyone who has helped Steve with this accomplishment, and thank you to all of you who celebrated with us on Saturday (either with us or in spirit).

Sort of a fake smile...Steve just LOVES being the center of attention!

Pretending to ignore his adoring fans

Beginning the hooding ceremony--weird tradition!

Hooded and handsome!

Working the cat walk as only Master Steve can!


ck2m said...

Congrats Steve and the rest of the Dunlap family.

Alison said...


Fiona said...

Yeah Steve!
we miss you all. Happy mom's day Karen.

Leiflet said...

Y'know, when Steve smiles like that, he kinda looks like Brian Wilson.