Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Delaney in Oregon: Fourth of July

I was really looking forward to Independence Day in Oregon because you get to light off your own fireworks. Riverside county would easily go up into flames if people were allowed to play with fireworks here, so instead we're limited to watching Mt. Rubidoux catch on fire for our 4th of July celebration. But in Oregon, now that's a different story.

We were very patriotic and started off our day watching the Independence Day Parade in Independence, Oregon. As you can see from the above picture, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It was hot. Steve and Delaney hung out in some shade away from the parade route while the rest of us (Mom, Dad, Jimmy, Uncle Bill & Aunt Janet) braved the heat. It was worth it; I scored some candy, but Steve was not so lucky.

After the parade we moseyed on over to my brother Jimmy's house. He BBQ'd up some ribs on his fancy grilling machine. My BFFs Alison and Beka, along with their husbands and offspring joined the party.

Steve, Jake, Brandon, Beka, and Jack.

BFF Alison (with a bun in her oven) and myself.

BFF Beka and cowpoke Jack. Beka and hubby Jake are my dear friends expecting there little one from Ethiopia. They've been officially waiting for a bit over 7 months, and the average wait time for a referral is 8 months. I can't WAIT to see a picture of their little guy. And I bet they're pretty excited, too.

Delaney just kickin' it with Grandpa, Grammy, and Uncle Jimmy.

In my humble opinion, I think that Brandon (Alison's hubby) looks good with a baby girl on his shoulder. A natural, really.

We intended to end our day with a fireworks show at a local middle school, but we were too tired from the heat and traveling with an infant. Instead, my mom and dad bought a pack of fireworks and we lit them off on the driveway. It was a good day. God bless America.

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