Sunday, July 12, 2009

Delaney in Oregon: Spending Time with the Lee's

Because we have so many pictures of our Oregon trip, we'll have to post them in segments. This first post focuses on Delaney meeting her Lee side (my Dad's side) of the family.

We had a BBQ at my folks' house and Delaney got to meet Great Aunts & Uncles, cousins, and her Great Grandma Lee. I didn't get pictures of everyone there (I'm still learning how to be a multi-tasking mama), but it was quite the event.
The above picture is of my cousin, Carol, holding my cousin Lora's daughter, Bailey. Delaney is sitting on her Great Grandma Lee's lap. As you can see, Grandma Lee is quite smitten with Delaney.

This is my Uncle Bill. Oh man, I could (and should) write a whole post dedicated to him. He's the kind of guy that you can never tire of. He knows exactly what to say to make everyone have a fun time, no matter what the situation. Delaney will learn to love him just like I do.

This is my Aunt Janet, my Dad's sister and Uncle Bill's wife. She fits the role of a "Great" Aunt perfectly; she loved holding Delaney, whether she was a happy baby or a cranky baby.

Here's my cousin Lora, along with her daughter Bailey and Delaney. Lora and I are a year apart, and so are Bailey and Delaney.

Uncle Jimmy (my bro) with Delaney and the "boys," Jaeger and Buddy. Don't mind Delaney's grumpy face, she had a long day of introductions and travel.

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