Monday, July 27, 2009

Mt. Whitney

This past weekend the Dunlap gang gathered together at Mt. Whitney for some good ol' family time to remember Grandpa John by spreading his ashes near his favorite fishing hole. Our family that lives in Sonora met up with us and we had a ball eating, hiking, and pawning Delaney off onto baby-crazy family members. Saturday was going to be a busy, unstructured day outdoors, and I was nervous about how my inflexible infant might handle the abnormal day. But guess what? She had what I like to call her very best day of existence! She was in a good mood almost all day, she napped like a champ, was sweet, silly, and totally wonderful. Grandpa John would have been proud.

We also had the perfect "camping" set-up for a family of an infant, which I believe added to the charm of the day. We spent the day in the great outdoors, admiring Creation, but then retired to a hotel room later that evening. Seriously perfect.

But all good things must come to an end, or perhaps back to reality. The beginning portion of our 4 hour drive home consisted of Steve dry heaving on the side of the road with Delaney screaming her head off in her car seat. Yes, this is the stuff that memories are made of. When we put in our request for a baby, we forgot to mention that we'd prefer the kind that conk out as soon as you turn the car on. Silly us. I guess we'll know what to ask for next time around.

Mt. Whitney--we were at the bottom, not the top.

Little family in the woods.

Grandpa's grandkids (and great granddaughter!) and significant others, minus Mark, Kristen, & Bill.

The "big kids": Kevin, Terry, & Doug at Grandpa's fishing hole.

Papa and his girl.

Hanging out with the girls: Great Aunt Terry, cousin Emily, & Great Aunt Joni

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Emily & Bill said...

Hi there Steve, Karen, and Delaney:

I am just stopping in to say that I am sorry to have missed you all last weekend. It would have been nice to see you two, and to have met the little one. I am glad to hear that the weekend went well; Em said it was beautiful up there, and judging by the pictures you posted, she was right.

Hope all is well, Dunlaps.

Bill & Emily