Monday, August 3, 2009

July Pictures

Here's a smattering of pictures taken during the month of July. Enjoy.

I took this picture primarily for my folks to show them that their Granddaughter is also a toe-sucker. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

I blogged awhile back about my wariness concerning giving Delaney rice cereal in a bottle like our Dr. suggested. We decided instead to try cereal in a bowl. Laney Loo digs it!

Beaver believer at heart!

Delaney passed out in Daddy's backpack at Mt. Whitney.

So many stereotypes wrapped up in this picture...Donna Reed, eat your heart out.

We started using cloth diapers, and it's a surprise every day!

Delaney is becoming more and more aware of the other critters that reside with us. Today she tried to eat Charlie's ear. She wasn't successful, but did manage a mouthful of cat hair. Build up those antibodies, baby!

Oh Charlie Boy, I am so sorry. This is just the beginning! If you're wondering why I haven't snapped any pictures of Laney and Imogene, it's because Imogene wants nothing to do with Delaney. I guess I can't blame the girl.


Shannon said...

I'm in love with her. And I don't understand why you're not wearing heals in the kitchen picture.

La Rodriga said... it weird that i still see your dad in Delaney's looks at times...especially the rice cereal pictures. maybe i'm imagining things, but we'll least your dad would appreciate hearing that :)

mme. bookling said...

Whoa! She's a pretty version of Steve!

Amazing how quickly she changes...barely a fraction of who she was when I met her.