Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Aquarium of the Pacific

Last week my Dad gave me a great birthday present- he sent me my Mom! She was in need of a Delaney fix, and it also corresponded with her favorite daughter's birthday. So everyone wins! We spent my special day at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Have you ever been to this aquarium? If you live in the SoCal region, you must go. Or else Delaney will karate chop you.

Here Delaney is doing her karate chop...nope, just kidding. She's signing "fish." And this is the last picture of her in her stroller that you will see. Like I discussed during my previous post, she is 100% toddler, and toddlers and strollers don't often mingle well.

Yea, things we can touch without getting into trouble!

Here's one of the few pictures my mom was able to snap of Delaney actually facing the camera. We have plenty pictures of the back of her head, but we won't bore you with that.

That's me, pulling the monkey off the ledge.

This might have been one of Delaney's happiest moments of the day. On the outside level of the aquarium they have a splash area with dolphins that can shoot water at innocent bystanders. There were many school aged children scurrying about, and some of them thought it would be a good idea to squirt water at the baby. My mom and I actually heard some of the kids yelling, "Aim for the baby!" They soaked my girl. And she loved every minute. She is a performer, and the splash pad was her stage. Did I bring a change of clothes for the bug? No. Good thing we were in sunny Long Beach.

The aftermath. She was not happy that Mama pulled her from the water.

We don't have many pictures of Grammie, because she was taking the photos. This was taken at the end of the day, when things were getting a bit dicey.

All in all, toddler melt downs aside, we had a great day. Thanks for visiting, Grammie, and we'll see you soon!

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