Saturday, July 17, 2010

4th Percentile

Sorry, no pretty pictures of Delaney here today...

I know the blog has been silent, and I promise to give full-fledged updates in about a week or so. We have had a busy summer, but we keep leaving our camera behind, and I really don't like to write a post without a picture. But I did want to share a few exciting things going on around here...

We spent a few days in beautiful Santa Barbara with our BFFs Beka, Jake, and Ayeresam Dorr. Jake's Grammy lives in SB and was the hostess with the mostess. Jake took a ton of pictures, so we'll eventually have pictures to post. We had a wonderfully relaxing time with some of our favorite people.

Tomorrow we're heading up to Sequoia National Park to camp with some more of our favorite people, the Quesadas and the Lances. Don't worry, the camera is already packed. I'm excited about the trip, but Eagle Scout Steve is especially excited to share one of his favorite past-times with his daughter.

Steve finished up his commission work in Sacramento. I'm going to make him write a post about his experience so that you can hear it from him.

And lastly, we had Delaney's 16 month check up yesterday. Drum roll...SHE'S FINALLY ON THE GROWTH CHARTS! Yeah, it's just the 4th percentile, but we'll take it. We all cheered when we saw her little dot on the chart, her doctor included. Eating is such a struggle with Delaney. She is finicky, temperamental, and likes to exert her control and independence into the eating process. I know so many families who have tougher battles to deal with, so I'm trying to be thankful for what we have.

Check back in a week or so for some actual posts with pictures!

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Mary said...

good job Delaney! maybe is she and Henry (also low low percentile) were to get married and make babies they would have oddly gigantic kids?