Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sequoias, Part One

We returned from camping on Thursday, and we're still recovering a bit. We had a great time with our dear friends. Delaney LOVED the great outdoors, she's such a nature baby. I don't have the energy to give a detailed report right now, so this post is primarily for my family. They're itching for some new Delaney pics, so here you go. Stay tuned for more pictures to come.

Delaney and Moses found the dirt pile to be vastly entertaining. I tried really hard to be ok with this arrangement. They were just so happy playing in the dirt.

Delaney is in love with Moses, can you tell?

We spent a day at Hume Lake, where we met up with the Osborne family. Delaney proved, once again, that she has zero fear when it comes to water. Boo.

Delaney thinks she can blow bubbles. Pretty cute, huh?

Delaney is like her Grandpa Lee, she rises with the sun. She actually did a great job sleeping at night, and didn't wake up too obscenely early.

In the backpack with Daddy. This kid has it made.


mme. bookling said...

LOVE! Hah, the ones of her in the dirt KILL me!

Hope you're sleeping well and recovering nicely!

Leiflet said...

That kid... how'd she get so much hair? I think she's in the 94% percentile for hair growth!

inbasket said...

Zero fear of water and dosen't mind an occasional tumble in the dirt. She may be up and comming Coast Guard personal.
Love ya, UB