Thursday, July 29, 2010

Plus Two

Maybe you've been wondering why this blog has been so quiet lately. Maybe you haven't been wondering. Either way, my excuse for the silence is because I've been zapped of all semblance of energy by the wee baby growing inside of my belly.

Yep, the Dunlaps are ready for Baby Round #2. Well, maybe not ready, but we're doing it anyway.

Again, we apologize if this is the way that you're finding out our big news. We've been trying to spread the word, but now we're succumbing to facebook and blogger.

Our baby is due February 10th, 2011. This due date is exactly 23 months after the birth of Wild Child #1 (Delaney). I'm more than a bit nervous at the thought of having a two year old and a newborn, but I'm confident that this timing will be just right in the long run.

I'm 12 weeks along today, and crossing my fingers that the morning sickness/exhaustion will start to subside. I'm very, very thankful that Steve has been around this summer because I haven't been on my A game when it comes to things like discipline and doling out patience towards my high-energy toddler.

That's our big excitement here at Casa Dunlap. We'll make sure to keep you posted on further baby-whatnot.


sarah hornacek said...

yay for baby number 2! so happy for you and your precious family!

ck2m said...

You are just as crazy as my mom was (j/k). Lora and I are 23months apart and everyone including my mom survived. Congrats to the growing Dunlap family. Will we see you at Christmas? Sad that seems to be the only time all the cousins are together.

the sealey family said...

woohoo! wonderful news! :) two is even better than one - even on the hard days... more to love. more blessings to enjoy. more lessons to learn and far more refining in ourselves! :)

looking forward to following your progress!

mme. bookling said...

time for a blog make-over!
dos dunlaps, plus one (and a half!)

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

YAY!!!!!!! Congrats.

Leiflet said...


Y'all be poppin' out babies!

Kim Day said...

Wow!! Baby #2!!! Congrats :) I hope you start feeling better soon.

We miss you guys!!