Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas 2010, Part 2

I made a blogging goal to write about Christmas before January turns into February, so here I am doing it!
We had a great Christmas. Steve, Delaney, and I enjoyed our second (and last!) Christmas together having a relaxing day in Riverside. We began our day by opening stockings and presents at home and enjoying some yummy strawberry crepes.

Cranky on Christmas? Unbelievable!

Check out those slippers! They were handmade for her by her Great-Great-Great Aunt Zelda. How many people can boast about having a Great-Great-Great Aunt? Delaney can.

Steve and I didn't really buy Delaney anything big--we left that up to the Grandparents. :) Here Delaney's modeling the two things that I made for her: a baby sling for her baby dolls and an apron.

And here she is, enjoying her stackable blocks from her Great Gramps and Grams. She also insisted on wearing her new Elmo shirt that her Great Aunt Linda, Great Uncle David, and cousins Gunnar and Solveig gave her.

She was able to put her apron to good use when she helped me make strawberry crepes for breakfast.

We headed over to Steve's parents' house after breakfast, and Delaney donned her Christmas best. See that shiny piece of metal in her hand? That was Steve's gift to Delaney, and it's a harmonica. She really, really loves her harmonica. Is it a little obnoxious? Yes. Is it adorable? Yes.

Here Delaney is enjoying two great loves in her life: Uncle Monkey and his drums. I cannot express how thankful I am that the drum set is not at our house for her to enjoy.

Seriously, though, do you see how happy she is? Chick drummers are pretty hot...

We are such an exciting bunch. Look how lovely Arlene is...and look at Mikey's goofy face. I don't think I have any pictures of Mikey wearing a normal smile. He is just so's one of the things we love most about him.

Later that evening we spent time at Uncle Kevin and Aunt Joni's house. We all had a great time watching Delaney slip into super-ultra-hyper-mode. Very entertaining! Our Christmas was wonderful, and made even sweeter when my parents made the trek down a few days later. We are a very blessed family!


Alyssa said...

Not only can Delaney say she has a great great great aunt, but she has a great great great aunt Zelda!! That is an awesome name!

Thiyagu.R said...

i like to have one aunt like zelda in my life :-)


Leiflet said...

When i saw the last picture, i thought, "Wow, when did the Edge grow a beard?"