Saturday, January 15, 2011

Getting Big

Delaney Marie is becoming a big kid. There's really nothing baby left to her...except for her weight. She's still a shrimp. But other than that, this kid is growing up, and there's nothing we can do to stop it.

Case in point: The toddler bed

We knew that we needed to transition Delaney to her toddler bed before Jude's arrival. Steve and I were both dreading it. Sleep is not really Delaney's strong suit, she knows how to open all of the doors in our house, and the thought of Delaney jumping on our bed at 4am just made me want to cry a little. But you know what? She did great. She's still doing great. We've had a few rough nights, but that's pretty normal around this joint. Apparently she doesn't realize that she can get out of her bed....go figure.

Getting excited about her new bed

Pretending to sleep next to her babies

Point #2: Potty training

Delaney had decided that she's ready to be potty trained. I'm not putting my whole heart into it because a.) I don't have the energy, and b.) I know regression will occur when Jude comes. But she's doing really well, and it's all on her own initiative. We'll see how that all pans out.

Skinny, naked Laney booty
Point #3: Hair cut

While this is technically not Delaney's first hair cut (that happened in August), this is the first time Delaney sat in the salon chair and got more than just a smidge trimmed off. Delaney's hair is WILD, and our friend Kristy did a great job with what she had to work with.

The before picture

Kristy hard at work on those bangs

The after picture...such a bad picture, I know. But at least you can see her looking a little less shabby.

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Kim Day said...

Jason and I held off as long as possible when we transitioned Dylan to a toddler bed because he was such an awful sleeper, and the same thing happened for us. He didn't realize he could get out by himself! It was awesome- I think it was at least 6 months before he started to get out of bed on his own :)

Delaney is becoming such a big girl! Can't wait to see how she reacts to being a big sister!