Friday, April 1, 2011

Photo Shoot with Kari Q.

One of my very dearest, very favoritest of friends, Mrs. Kari Quesada, came over a few weeks back to take pictures of my kiddos. Actually, she came over to take pictures of newborn baby Jude, but as you can see from the photos below, Delaney stole the show. She's good at that. While Kari may downplay her talent, it's clear to the rest of us how very talented she is. So, enjoy gazing upon my offspring and basking in the photo genius of Kari Q.

See what I mean about stealing the show?

And a big thanks to Soren Fairfield and his parents for Delaney's beautiful dress!


megkoo said...

They are so cute, I really need to meet them.

sarah hornacek said...

she is such a little doll! and that picture of jude sleeping in the tiny bed...too precious.

Tiffany said...

Karen, these are so great! You sure have some cute kiddos!

Josh H. said...

good thing your beautiful children look like you...and not steve :)
hope you guys are doing well.