Sunday, August 14, 2011

6 Months

Jude has been with us now for half a year. Half a year! Although it's terribly cliche to say, it really does go by so fast. "Brother Boy," which is what Delaney calls Jude, is such a joy. He has now had a smattering of solid foods and loves everything we offer him. He's such a different eater than his "big" sister! In fact, Jude now weighs what Delaney did when she was a year old. Jude's closing in on her!

While Ju-Ju-Bee is usually such a mellow, happy guy, teething has gotten the best of him lately. He still has nothing to show for all of that drooling and hard work. Jude gets up on all fours and is trying his darndest to crawl, and Delaney loves to encourage him. I returned to work this week, and so Jude and I have been apart longer than we ever have been before. While I sure do miss the little man, he's been a good guy for "Auntie" Kari. We can't wait to see what exciting milestones Jude will hit next. Maybe he'll start sleeping through the night...ha! A girl can dream, right?

17 lbs.
26.5 inches (I think...this was what I measured him at last month as well, but boy-oh-boy is he a wiggler!)

Love you, Buddy Boy!

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