Tuesday, August 30, 2011


While we are still waiting on Mike & Arlene's wedding pictures, as well as a guest post by Mr. Steven Dunlap himself concerning his new job, this smattering of pictures will have to do for now.

August has been hot! And there's nothing that says summer more than picking a pumpkin in 100+ degree weather. Our dear neighbor friends, Doug and Martin, invited the kids over to pick themselves a pumpkin. It was super duper hot, but worth it.

A Delaney-sized pumpkin

A Jude-sized pumpkin

Jude has decided to become a big kid in a matter of days. He's now eating solids in his high chair and sitting up unassisted. And he's so close to crawling. Hey Jude, what's wrong with being a baby? Slow down, buddy guy.

Just working on some literacy skills

Sitting up and pleased as punch

And this one insists on wearing dress-up dresses around the clock...I am loving her emerging imagination!

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