Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer craziness

It seems as though every post I write begins with an apology. This post is not, I'm sorry, it has been too long since I've blogged. And you know what? This post that I'm currently writing doesn't even really count. I just wanted to throw up a few pictures to let our fans know that we're still here. Summer has been crazy! Here are a few things that I need to spend some time blogging about:
  • Mike (Steve's bro) and Arlene got married and it was amazing.
  • Steve went to Washington DC and it was amazing (or so I hear).
  • Steve got a new job...he's now a fancy pants Instructional Services Specialist for Riverside Unified School District...because he's amazing.
  • Charlie the Cat had a 5 day stint at the animal hospital. Kidney failure in kitties is no laughing matter. He is home now but not doing very well. So not amazing.
  • I (Karen) started back to work after 6 months at home...amazing that I was able to take so much time off.
  • Jude turned 6 months old and he's amazingly awesome.
  • Delaney continues to amaze us with her sense of humor, smarts, and verbal ability...and dance moves. The kid has got some amazing moves.
So yes, we have a lot to talk and blog about. Tomorrow is my first day with students, so things are a bit hectic around here. If I make it through this week, I pinkie swear that I'll do some blog catching up next week...until then, here are few pictures to whet you appetite:

My mom sent me some pictures of our Oregon trip and she managed to capture a decent photo of the Dos Dunlaps x 2.

I came home the other day to find Super Kitty playing the drums. It was possibly one of the greatest parenting moments of my life.

Can you believe it's been half a year already? This little baby guy isn't so little anymore.

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