Sunday, December 18, 2011

10 Months

The silence that has befallen this blog is due mainly to my need to focus on Christmasy things. We have so many November and December pictures that I need to post, but first I need to document Jude's 10 month milestones.

Weight: 21 pounds

I think that every mother that has ever had a baby boy has uttered the words "He's just ALL boy!" I feel like I've been saying that statement since Jude exited the womb, but this month I have really noticed the difference between having a boy versus a girl. Jude is a tough, solid piece of boy machinery. Let's just say he keeps me on my toes. Good thing he has a bossy big sister that loves to tattle on him whenever he's up to his boyish mischief!

Hey Jude, why don't you sit down for just a moment?

No? Well, maybe I can get your sister to help out...

Or maybe we can try to go outside for a bit...

Jude now has three top teeth and two bottom teeth. We are all done making baby food (yay!) and he now eats real people food. And he generally out-eats his sister, which I'm sure comes as no surprise to most of you. As far as sleep goes, he began sleeping through the night 2 weeks ago, then stopped sleeping through the night last week, and then started sleeping through the night again this past week. Phew!

Oh Jude, you're just about my favorite baby boy.

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