Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Looking good for Thanksgiving dinner

We were able to spend Thanksgiving this year in Riverside with Doug, Marsha, Mike, Arlene, and Arlene's brother Raul. It was perfectly relaxing and so nice to be with some of our very favorite people. I was also able to talk to most of my Oregon family that day, and even skyped with my brother in New Zealand the day after Thanksgiving. It was fun to see his furry face!

We have a lot to be thankful for, and in 2011 two new Dunlaps were added to our brood: Arlene and Jude. We all wrote out our sentiments of thanksgiving and clipped them onto this "tree." We read them out loud after dinner and tried to guess which person wrote the note. It was a jolly good game.

Blurry but happy kids

Karen Marie & Delaney Marie

Delaney, Auntie Beans, & Crazy Uncle Monkey

This year, we drew names for Christmas gifts. You can almost feel the anticipation, right?

Jude, just chillaxin'

The day after Thanksgiving was spent decorating for Christmas and watching the lighting ceremony at The Mission Inn. Delaney assisted Steve in hanging the Christmas lights. Delaney insisted on wearing her bibs, just like Grandpa, and her Hello Kitty boots. This kid has got style. She also sported a tool belt that Marsha made for Steve when he was Delaney-sized. I love that we have so many things from our childhoods that our own kids can now enjoy.

I think she likes her dad just a bit...

"Enjoying" the lights at the Mission Inn. It was super crowded and you can just see how much Steve loved pushing the double stroller through the crowds.

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Shannon said...

Matt's comment as he looked at this post: "Jude looks like a tank, and Delaney looks like a fairy."