Thursday, May 17, 2012

Good-bye to the Stump

Remember that one time when my Dad cut down the tree in our front yard? Well, the stump has been hanging out in our yard since October, and it has been driving Steve crazy. As a part of his birthday gift (sexy, right?), I organized a bunch of Steve's buddies to come help him remove the bad boy. It was an epic man day, and it meant a TON to both Steve and I that his buds were willing to give up their Saturday morning to help us out.

Man vs. Stump
Josh keeps the Jude Monster at bay.
L-R: Josh, Cheston, Mike, Steve, & Joaquin
This stump did not go quietly.
You know how tall Cheston is, right? It was a pretty deep hole...
Now to figure out how to get the stump into the truck...
Of course Steve's Dad got in on the fun!
Alas, the Ford didn't work out, so on to Plan B. Plan B also included denting the tailgate of Josh's truck. Oops!
It's gone! Happy birthday, Stevie!
Jude loves to sit in "the pit." On this weekend's agenda: fill in the pit. Sorry, little man!

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