Wednesday, June 13, 2012

May 2012

So, here I am, blogging once again. How about a May recap? Enjoy.

 For Mother's Day, my little family planted me a rose garden.

After we planted the rose garden, we went to the park and strolled through a really, really big rose garden.

 Later that week, we met my dear, dear friend Christina "Pinkie" Thomas and her little Brody man for dinner at Downtown Disney. Delaney wasn't entirely sure about why we were basically at Disneyland but not going into Disneyland. All in all, she took it like a champ.

 This kid likes his mom.

Here is a terrible picture of some very cute friends. Fiona Weber, Delaney, and Brody Thomas.
 Reunited and it feels so good! My dear Oregon/Camp Tadmor friends hanging out in Riverside. Pinkie, Noogie, and Chimi.

 Delaney, our 3 year old going on 13. This was at an open house for her preschool that she'll be attending in the fall. Her dear friend/neighbor Agatha was helping Delaney to the dress up clothes. The preschool has all things Delaney: a pet bunny, art supplies, and dress up clothes galore. 

In what deserves an entire blog post in itself, I am taking some time off of teaching. Here I am with my AMAZING teaching partner and friend, Tracey. We sported Thing 1 and Thing 2 outfits for a Storybook Character Day. I love, love, love my school and coworkers, but am looking forward to being home full-time with my kiddos.

 Jude loves the tree stump pit. But guess what? It finally got filled in.

Jude also enjoys doing manly yard activities with his pops.

Delaney got to attend a Build A Bear birthday party for her 5 year old friend Gwyneth. Such a great place to spend A LOT OF MONEY. 

Last August, we said good-bye to our feline friend and family member Charlie. Our thoughtful friends the Heuns bought us this rose bush in Charlie's honor and it is thriving. It brings a smile to my face every time I see it.

May is my favorite month because we get to celebrate Mother's Day, my birthday, and the end of the school year. We celebrated my 32nd year of life at the Old Spaghetti Factory, Thankfully, the place is loud enough to handle the crazy antics of Delaney and the Baby Monster.

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