Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jude's Trip to Oregon

Just as the craziness of May was winding down, Jude and I took a week long trip to Oregon. I hadn't visited since Christmas, and I was missing my Oregon people. And just my Oregon in general, with it's greenness and drizzle. Because Jude is still under the age of 2, he flies for free. So I thought it would be fun to visit with just the little man in tow, and allow everyone a chance to get to know the Jude Monster better. Sometimes his overly vocal sister steals the thunder, so it was nice to have some one-on-one time with J. Billy.

 Look, we're somewhat happy before take-off! Riding on an airplane with my small, very active child  is pretty much on the top of my Dislike List.

 Once we arrived, Jude became a regular little ranch hand. He really enjoyed helping Grandpa.

Jude also really liked all of the available mud to muck around in.

Jude and Eddie had a bit of a stare down.

I couldn't resist taking pictures of the farm boy. As the second child, there aren't many pictures of just
Jude. Well, there are now!

Cuddle time with Uncle Jimmy.
 These guys like each other.

My BFFs Beka and Alison and I gathered all of our little guys and camped out at their parents' condo. It was crazy, we ate a lot of junk, but we were together and we all surrvived.
Our faces say it all...
Jude, Sam, and Ayeresam, AKA Yoppie

Uncle Brandon helping Jude out on the play structure.

The boy line up--Jude, Yoppie, Jack, & Sam

Gentry Dudes and J. Billy. I hope these guys will be life-long friends.

Jack and Sam have a rock box in their back yard. Pretty much the best boy toy ever.

Jude I also had the opportunity to get together with my cousin Lora and her girls, Bailey and Olivia. This is a terrible picture, but proof that we saw one another!

And of course we made it up to my Grandparents' farm. Gramps made a special trip to the store just for popsicles for Jude. And I suppose popsicles for himself as well.

Mr. Mischief

Jude loved being pulled around in the flower cart. Look, Ma! I picked you a shoe.

Grammie's always willing to do the dirty work.

See, Jude really loved those carts. And Grams was happy to comply.

Grams, Gramps, Jude, King, and the Famous Rainbow Chairs.

The whole gang.

Love those chairs.

My mom took us to the airport and I was feeling very sick with a sinus infection and very tired of chasing the Jude Monster. My mom asked if she could get a pass to escort us to the gate, and what do you know, JetBlue granted her one! My mom got to hang out with us for a few extra hours, we ate lunch, and best of all, she chased the little man around. It was a sweet way to part ways.

This picture was taken when we landed. Our adventure was over. Spending one-on-one time with Child #2 was so beneficial for our relationship, and I'm really glad we did it. Watching the reunion between Jude and Delaney was absolutely priceless. There were many, many kisses, hugs, and squeals.

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