Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jude's First Haircut

Someone's hair was getting a bit too willy-nilly around here. Papa suggested that Jude take a trip to the Dunlap family's barber, Barber Dan. So that's what Jude, Steve, and Papa did the other night. Jude left the house as a baby, and came back as a a big kid.

Before the haircut
Backside of the mullet, pre-haircut.
Jude's pretty thrilled to be in this position.
See what I mean?
Barber Dan doing his thing.
Fluffy hair!

Love this shot!
So serious!
Aahh! The clippers!
Steve tried to get Jude to sit in the chair by himself afterward. It didn't go over so well.

The after shot. I love my little man.

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