Wednesday, April 13, 2011

31 Years

Yesterday Old Man Dunlap turned 31. He's so old! I only have a few weeks to rub that in until I catch up with him in age.

Our little family is so incredibly blessed to have Steve as our Fearless Leader. Delaney will never grow up having "Daddy issues." Jude has an amazing example of what a Godly man looks like on a daily basis. And I have a best friend to traverse through life with, the good and the bad.

Jude dressed up for Daddy's birthday...he's ready to party in his baby tux onesie.

Happy birthday, Stevie. Here's hoping that 31 is the best year yet.


mme. bookling said...

Steven - how I love that man! He completely changed my standards of what I was good enough for, and showed me what I was actually looking for. A true father where there was none...

Please bear hug him from Candiass.

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Happy Birthday from the Oregon LR Kikers

Leiflet said...

Awww, CRAP!

Michael Pritzl was TOTALLY gonna sing on your voicemail yesterday and he forgot.

Does Steve accept late answering machine messages?