Sunday, April 10, 2011

Auntie Kobbs

When I was a young gal of 18, I moved to northern California to attend college at Simpson University. I was very nervous about a great number of things, but on the top of my list of nerves was the roommate issue. I don't have any sisters, I'm not a girly girl, and I was so worried that I'd be stuck with a weirdo. When I walked into my new home away from home, my roommate was nowhere to be found. However, sitting on her desk was a copy of the Empire Records soundtrack. I breathed a sigh of relief; this was going to work out after all.

Fast forward about 12+ years and my roommate and I are still great friends. Laura Kobzeff (Kobbs) is more like family than a friend. She is my sister and I love her. We've all moved around since college but now she's back in Redding and attending Simpson again to become the world's greatest nurse. She's far away and we miss her like crazy. A few weeks ago she came to visit and Delaney had a fabulous time at the park with her Auntie Kobbs.






Thanks for visiting, Auntie Kobbs! Love you!

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kobbs said...

Aww. Thanks guys! It was great to see you - always is. :)