Sunday, April 10, 2011


Here are a few pictures documenting the smattering of things we've been up to lately:

Camera one

Camera two

Jude keeps getting cuter. He's smiling so much, crying less, and still sleeping pretty good. So, to summarize, I suppose we'll keep him! :)

Our local Chick-Fil-A hosted a Western Night the other evening. With Delaney's current horse obsession, we just couldn't pass up free pony rides.

Yes, the pony rides took place in the shared parking lot of the Chick-Fil-A and PetSmart. This is Southern California for goodness sake!

Delaney took her pony ride very seriously.

Jude came as well, but didn't ride any ponies.

The weather has been nice and Steve and Delaney have been busy out in the garden.

Daddy and his girl

Playing in the dirt

Wearing Daddy's hat

1 comment:

Leiflet said...

I love that hat! I am looking for something that i can wear out in the garden, too.

We've got our early spring plants in now (cucumbers, lettuce, beans, beats, and peas) and will plant the tomatoes when it warms up more.

Don't you love having a fenced-in yard?